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Tutorials for stone sculptors - and those who want to become one

Are you interested in learning the art of hand carving? Here are some tips to help you get started:

Short turorials, tipps and tricks will help you on how to carve and polish different types of stone like marble, granite, serpentine and other beautiful stones from all over the world.

Carving made easy for beginners

Start with the right tools: Invest in a set of high-quality stone carving tools suitable for beginners. You can purchase i. e. at

For starters will do tip iron, tooth iron, and flat iron. In addition, a hammer with a weight of, 800 grams or lighter.

Tutorials for stonecarvers

Stone carving with hand tools 

Basics marble carving - follow our video tutorials on how to carve marble by hand

Tobia is explaining some basics on how to carve marble with a point chisel

Before you start, make sure you have a 600-800 gram hammer, a set of chisels and safety goggles. You can buy it e.g. here:

And of course a nice piece of marble which you can also get from us.

Stonc carving videos on YT

This tutorial provides a basic introduction to working marble with a pointing iron. Note, however, that marble is a hard material and requires some practice to achieve the desired results. It may be helpful to acquire further expertise or consult expert guidance to develop your skills.

Make sure you have the necessary tools to work with marble. This includes a point chisel, a hammer, safety goggles and ear protection. Also wear protective clothing to protect yourself from dust and splinters.

Mark the area to be worked on
Use a chalk or pencil to mark the area on the marble that you want to work on. Be sure to make clear lines and marks to achieve the desired result.


Fix the marble securely
Make sure the marble is stable and securely fastened before you start working. You can use clamps or screw clamps to hold the marble on a workbench or stable surface.

Apply the point chisel
Hold the point chisel firmly in your dominant hand. Make sure that the angle between the pointing iron and the marble surface is about 45 degrees. Start with light strokes to gradually drive the pointing iron into the marble.

Work your way forward
Continue working with the point chisel, using slow and controlled strokes. Work the marked area gradually, being careful not to apply too much pressure to avoid unwanted cracks or damage.

Use the hammer selectively
You can use the hammer to drive the point chisel into the marble. Be careful not to hit too hard, however, so as not to damage the marble's 
marble in its crystal structure. A well-aimed and controlled use of the hammer is crucial here.

Finishing and smoothing
Once you have worked on the desired part of the marble, you can replace the point chisel with a smaller tool, such as a tooth or flat chisel, to carry out fine work. Carefully remove any unevenness and smooth the finished surfaces.

Safety instructions
Always remember to take proper safety precautions while working with tools. Wear safety glasses and hearing protection to protect yourself from possible injury. Make sure you securely fasten the marble to prevent the workpiece from slipping or sliding.

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