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Stone carving 01

01. - 12. May

2 weeks

Raphael Beil and Tobia Silvotti

Waiting List

Extension week

15. - 19. May

1 week

Raphael Beil

Waiting List

Stone carving 02

22. May - 02. June

2 weeks

Raphael Beil

Waiting List

Stone carving 03

12. - 23. June

2 weeks

Raphael Beil and Tobia Silvotti

Stone carving 04

03. - 14. July

2 weeks

Raphael Beil and Tobia Silvotti

Stone carving 05

21. Aug - 01. Sept

2 weeks

Raphael Beil and Tobia Silvotti

Stone Carving Workshops

All our stone carving workshops are suitable for complete beginners and already experienced participants.  The dates shown refer to the first day of activity (Monday) and last day of activity including a small exhibition of works (Friday).

Price List

Full ( 2 Weeks )

1180 EUR

Short ( 1 Week )

790 EUR

Student ( 2 Weeks )

730 EUR

Student ( 1 Week )

490 EUR

Power Tools Supplement

+100 EUR / Week

Book your Sculpture Workshop

Please use this form only for booking. If you just wish to write us a message you may do so in our contact form.


You may also contact me with:

Thank you for booking a workshop at School of Sculpture!

What is Included:

  • Coffee, tea, biscuits and tap water are available in our tent throughout the day.

  • Guidance and support for your individual sculpture projects from our teachers during the day (10am until 5pm with about an hour lunch break).

  • Materials: Quarried marble rocks of different sizes and measurements weighing roughly 10-30 kg that you can choose from our stock.

  • Use of traditional hand carving tools such as hammers, various types of chisels and sandpaper/polishing equipment. 

  • Various protective gear.

Power tools supplement:

  • Access to electricity and compressed air.

  • Power tools such as angle grinders and profile grinders with discs and bits are available.

  • Various air driven tools like pneumatic hammers and grinders.

What is not included:

  • Particular stones such as yellow or red travertine, granite, alabaster and larger carrara marble blocks are available for an extra charge (depending on what we have in stock).

    • If you have special wishes for materials or measurements please let us know in advance.

  • Travel expenses and accommodation.

  • Personal meals and drinks.

  • Insurance: Workshop fees do not include accident insurance. Participating in the workshops and the use of the space and tools is at your own risk.

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