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Stone x Glass workshop Berlin Glass School of Sculpture

2024 Master Class

In collaboration with the renowned glassblowing studio Berlin Glassworks, we offer a unique workshop for stone sculpture and glass. Learn from our experienced teachers how to work with stone and glass and combine both materials artistically. Immerse yourself in an inspiring, professional learning environment and discover your creative side. 

Sculptures out of Stone and Glass - Interdisciplinary Course
Course Description
This year’s Master Class will explore the combination of stone carving and hot glass to create sculptural objects that will expand your creative language.
The 2-week course, led by Tobia Silvotti in the stone sculpture workshop located just behind the Glassworks Studio and Viviane Stroede & Maya Harel in the hot-shop, encourages constant exchange between the studios to develop individual bodies of work combining both materials. The emphasis of the course lies in the conceptual development and step-by-step realization of your ideas.

No prior knowledge of handling hot glass or stone carving is required. If you have experience with glassblowing, you are welcome to assist Viviane and Maya when making your piece. However, please note that beginner lessons in glassmaking will not be provided. If you would like to take an introductory glassblowing class before this workshop, please register here.
Class schedule

Day 1: Introduction to the School of Sculpture and Berlin Glas studios. Nestled in a garden just behind the hot shop, the School of Sculpture is an open-air atelier. There will be process demos at both studios and then we will sit down and share our creative ideas for the workshop.

Days 2-4: You will learn the basic techniques of stone carving, using simple, traditional tools such as hammers and various chisels. The use of angle grinders and other light machines will also be available.

Day 5: Finishing stone pieces and taking them down to the hot-shop in preparation for the following week.

Day 6: Introduction to the cold-shop. As you start to make work in glass, you are invited to cut, grind and do light polishing on the glass. The cold-shop will be available everyday the second week. Glass blowing all day.

Days 7-8: Glass blowing and cold-work.

Day 9: Assembly. We will take some time to troubleshoot assembly and display. Glass blowing and cold-work.

Day 10: Cold shop, assembly, pop-up exhibit. Studio clean-up.

-       Is there an inexpensive place to stay around the studio? Yes! The Nena Hostels are new and a super option!

-       Are there places to eat? Not really. Delivery services are an easy and convenient way to get lunch. There is also a Lidl down the street in case you would like to bring your own food. The Nena Hostel has a great kitchen facility and we also have a kitchen at the studio. We will have coffee, tea and plenty of water will be provided.

-       Are the stone and glass provided? Yes! You will have your choice of an array of stones at the School of Sculpture and Berlin Glas has a pretty good selection of colours. You are welcome to order your own colours and have them delivered to the Berlin Glas studio. Please send us an email and we will let you know how.

-       Can I bring and use my own tools from home? Yes! However, you must look after your property. We are not liable for any damages and/ or theft. 

-       I loved the class and want to continue. What can I do next? Both Berlin Glas and the School of Sculpture have a rental program. We can talk about membership and studio rentals following the class. 

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