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Sculpture courses in Berlin 2024


We will learn the basic techniques of handcraft with stone, using simple, traditional tools such as hammers and various chisels. The use of angle grinders and other light machines will also be available.

Advanced stone sculptors

Learn efficient and safe techniques for working with a wide variety of electric and pneumatic tools.Start by rough-cutting the stone and shaping it. Then, progress to refining the surfaces and details using various power tools, chisels, and grinding technique to the final polishing stage.

Freelancers and experienced stone sculptors

are invited to realize their stone projects in marble, granite or other stones. We will provide you with a working space and the right equipment to realize your stone sculpture project.We are happy to support you with tools, stones or physical help such as transporting or setting up the stone.

Further course content

Parallel to the hand craft process we may explore the basics of three-dimensional form, proportion and structure. In order to create an individual work of art, we also discuss where the sources of creativity lie and how to access inspiration and imagination. The teachers are always available and will help to problem solve whenever particular dilemmas arise and ultimately guide you to achieve your vision. The final day of our workshop we have a chance to set up and present the sculptures in our garden and have a small vernissage. This is an opportunity for everyone to share their experience and celebrate their work. We look forward to meeting you all!Raphael and Tobia

Practical Information

Languages spoken: German, English, Italian, Norwegian and a little French.


Our marble sculpting workshops take place in the back garden of the old distillery Monopol. We will be working there from Monday to Friday (10:00 until 17:00) with around an hour lunch break.


Tools, work tables as well as work protection will be provided. Depending on the weather, we can work outside or in our tent.


Materials? We have a variety of stones to choose from. Different qualities of marble quarry stones from Carrara, Italy, as well as larger blocks, both marble, granite and more. We will also be able to cut the stones to size upon request for specific projects.

Transporting your sculptures back home?

For most smaller projects you may want to bring a small hardcover suitcase/trolley if you wish to transport the stone manually taking the train or airplane back home. For larger projects or upon request there is the possibility of having your sculpture sent back home. This will come at an extra fee dependent on the artwork and what delivery options we can find for you.


Food and drinks? There is an opportunity to eat lunch independently at an Italian restaurant just 5 minutes walk from the garden, otherwise make sure to bring something to eat from home to give you energy for the active days.

Coffee, tea, water and biscuits as well as a possibility to sit and relax will always be available in our tent.

Facilities? There are toilets in the Monopol main structure just 2 minutes away from our workspace.


Travel? For those using public transport to reach us the closest stops are: U-Bahn Osloer Straße (15 min walk), S-Bahn Schönholz (5 min walk), Bus 150 Granatenstraße (1 min walk). 

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