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Eingang zu dem Garten von School of Sculpture
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School of Sculpture Berlin

Welcome to School of Sculpture 2024
Stone carving and marble sculpture workshops in Berlin
Bildhauerkurse in Berlin

We are the school for stone carving located within an established artist community in Berlin Reinickendorf. Our workspace is in the beautiful garden of the old distillery Monopol that has evolved in the past years as a hub for creativity.
At School of Sculpture you have a chance to explore the fascinating world of marble carving, whether you are a complete beginner or have already some experience with stone work, you are most welcome to do a stone carving workshop in Berlin.
Our experienced teachers and founders of School of Sculpture, Raphael Beil and Tobia Silvotti, will discuss ideas with you and guide you to create your own individual sculpture projects. You will learn to use both traditional and modern tools to compose an original and personal sculpture. We will be there every step of the way to problem solve, exchange ideas and help you achieve whatever peculiarities you may come up with!


We look forward to a wonderful and creative time with you all at School of Sculpture!

School of sculpture Berlin Ausstellung Sculpture exhibition
Bildhauerworkshop für Steinbildhauerei in Berlin. Unser Bildhauerzeltzelt für alle möglichen Steinarbeiten.

Stone x Glas

2-13 September 2024

In collaboration with the renowned glassblowing studio Berlin Glassworks, we offer a unique workshop for stone, sculpture and glass.

Take a look at some of the beautiful sculptures created at our stone carving workshops in Italy and Berlin over the last few years.

A short thought about Stone Carving

Stone carving takes on a special role in this day and age. Of course many of us initially think of the big names of the Renaissance and their search for the idyllic beauty of the human body through delicate work in white marble. What is perhaps more interesting for us, in our private domain as individuals living in the 21st century, is the creative process that happens when putting oneself in relation with this primordial material. 


During years of accomplishing both personal work but especially of guiding others through the creation of a stone sculpture we have always been fascinated by how deeply engaging and introspective the experience would be. “Finding oneself at lunch break around a table with people of completely different backgrounds, ages and ethnicities talking about the surface quality of a particular stone”. It might sound straightforward at first, but we believe it is just an example of how the process teaches us to observe and appreciate certain facets of life we perhaps wouldn’t even consider until that point. There is a lot of potential in stone carving both for the development of hand craft skills but especially for personal growth. 

Here at the School of Sculpture we wish to provide a friendly tight knit community where people have the opportunity of exploring this wonderful process together, and of course come back home with an individual marble sculpture.

Creation of a marble sculpture in a 3-stage progress by Raphael Beil

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For those using public transport to reach us the closest stops are:

U-Bahn U8 Osloer Straße (15 min walk)

Bus 150 Granatenstraße (1 min walk).

S-Bahn S1 or S25 Schönholz (5 min walk)

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